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January 2017 Site Development Update

January 2017 Work really kicked into gear on site during the second week of January (after the traditional construction industry long Christmas break) The Principal Contractor (Front Row Construction) moved machinery on to site, initially…


December 2016 Site Development Update

December 2016 Work has commenced in earnest and December has been a busy month at Buckminster. We have made the most of a relatively dry month and completed the majority of the works to the…


November 2016 Site Development Update

November 2016 Much has been happening over the previous months but the signing of the lease sets the scene for the ‘serious work’ to commence in accordance with the initial project plan. Lease document signed…


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Buckminster Blog

Buckminster Blog Now that the National Centre project is actually happening there is of course lots going on. The aim is to keep a running blog of activity as a way of keeping members up…