Buckminster Free Flight Gala

September 2, 2018 @ 9:00 am
BMFA Buckminster
Grantham NG33 5RW

Competitions for all tastes….

                                                               ….sports flying and trimming welcome!

Run by BMFA:    

  1. E 36 ( 5 second engine run. )
  2. Mini Vintage
  3. Classic  Glider using 50m towline,  with award for the best Classic A/1 (prior to Jan 1961)
  4. HLG/Catapult Glider

CD Stuart Darmon

Run by SAM 35:

  1. In Precision
  2. Under 25” Vintage Rubber

CD John Ashmole

  Run By Peterborough MFC:

  1. Cloud Tramp
  2. E20 (members only, demonstration event.)

CD Peter Gibbons

Run by BMFA F/F Scale:

Flying Only Scale Competition: All scale models, any power.

Flying will be judged.

CD Doug Hunt

Gates open 9am. Events begin 10.00 am.  Field entry £6 per flyer. Contest entries £3 per event. Maxes to be announced on the day.

No thermistors, mylar streamers or any other type of thermal sensing equipment. (One Mylar streamer will be provided by the organisers on the day to establish wind direction.)

This event is an attempt at making fullest use of the Buckminster site, and is part of a programme to ensure a practical future for Free Flight alongside the continued use of larger fields. Depending upon circumstances it may be necessary for the CD’s to impose launch lines, to move control to respond to wind direction or to vary fly-off procedure but it is hoped that flyers will enter into the spirit of the event end enjoy the sense of inclusivity which we hope to promote.