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As well as the work carried out by full-time staff at the National Centre it has always been envisaged that a structured group of volunteers would play a significant role in the day to day activities on site.

The aim is to form a ‘Friends of BMFA Buckminster’ group to assist with the day to day running and maintenance of the site as well as take part in additional project and development work and to act as a support group for the facility.

It is likely that the group will also incorporate a number of ‘key holders’ who live in close proximity to the site and who will assist with site security at the end of flying sessions.

The initial aims

The aim is to set up a group with an Email distribution list or Facebook Group who are willing and able to attend the site on a regular basis to take part in a range of tasks.

As a starting point the Centre will be closed on Thursdays as ‘site maintenance day’, the aim will be to populate a list of tasks each week which will cover ongoing maintenance such as grass cutting and weed control.

The aim will be for volunteers to check in by Email on the Tuesday/Wednesday to indicate that they will be attending to take part (this is to give an idea of numbers and therefore tasks that can be undertaken).

The plan is to meet in the large barn at 9.00am for a briefing and discussion on the day’s tasks.

Tools, equipment and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) will be provided as appropriate, tasks will be split between site maintenance and project work dependent on the available resources.

It is envisaged that there will be a lunch break around 12.30 and the day will end at 3.00pm.

The Rewards and benefits

As well as the satisfaction of contributing to the running and development of a nationally significant project to further develop model flying and provide positive facilities, the aim is to make it attractive and enjoyable to be part of the Friends of BMFA Buckminster.

Members of the group turning up to participate in Thursday Maintenance days will be:

  • provided with refreshments throughout the day tea/coffee/cold drinks.
  • Provided with lunch in the large barn or outside if appropriate sandwich/soup.
  • At 3.00pm work will cease and members of the group will have access to the site for model flying until an hour before dusk.
  • An end of season event will be held for Friends of BMFA Buckminster and their families as a thank you.
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