Volunteering at BMFA Buckminster

The aim is that the BMFA National Flying Site and Visitor Centre will be largely staffed on a full time basis by existing BMFA senior staff.

However, we have always taken the view that as with many other aspects of BMFA activity that volunteers will play a significant part in the day to day activity.

As the centre is developed over the coming years there will be a wide range of opportunities for volunteers to get involved, either as a regular activity or as an occasional involvement for specific events.

Expenses are paid to cover travelling costs incurred by volunteers and refreshment is provided as appropriate for the duration of activity.

We are always happy to hear from volunteers and below is a list of areas where we are keen to benefit from input from our members input, the list is not exhaustive but rather a guide.

If you would like to volunteer and become part of the BMFA Buckminster National Centre ‘story’ then please do get in touch.

Manny Williamson


  • Instructing – all disciplines (rota)
  • Instructing – trial lessons (rota)
  • Grounds maintenance – general site upkeep.
  • Event related activities.
  • Public Relations.
  • General duties.
  • Museum – archive – historical.
  • First aid.
  • Ornithology – wildlife habitat.
  • Key holder.
  • Flightline supervision.
  • Weather station – IT support.