Flying Rules

The General Flying rules and principles detailed in the BMFA Members Handbook apply at BMFA Buckminster.


  • Specific rules will be implemented and briefed for individual events as appropriate.
  • All pilots must check in at reception prior to commencing flying (unless alternative arrangements are in place for the day).
  • Vehicles must be parked in the designated parking area for the specific activity.
  • Vehicles not to be taken out onto flightlines unless with specific permission from Event Organiser, Flightline Controller or duty staff member.
  • All items and debris must be removed from the flight line and flying area especially broken or damage model parts, props, tools, batteries, fuel and equipment.
  • Please take all of your litter home or dispose of it in the bins provided adjacent to the Large Barn.
  • Damaged/scrap lithium polymer batteries must be disposed of appropriately, do not place them in general waste bins, seek guidance from duty staff member.

Radio Control

  • Flying must take place only in designated areas.
  • Pilots should ensure that they are appropriately briefed on the operation and orientation for the day.
  • All transmitting equipment must be compliant with the relevant UK law.
  • All pilots must carry (and demonstrate when required) appropriate liability insurance.
  • Models must not be flown close to or over the buildings, car park or camping areas.
  • The flight paths must be kept as far as possible to the west, north and east of the site (and NOT to the south).
  • Only ‘Silent Flight’ (including quiet electric) models may be flown before 010:00hrs on any day.
  • Failsafes should be correctly set where appropriate, spot checks will be carried out for compliance (remember this is a legal requirement).
  • A range check should be carried out at the start of each flying session.
  • A pre-flight check should be carried out before each flight.
  • General operation will require aircraft to comply with the DoE Noise Code (82Dba at 7 metres)
  • Aircraft coming to rest outside of the site boundaries should be retrieved with the knowledge and permission of the Flight Line Controller.

Free Flight

  • Flying must only take place in designated areas.
  • All pilots must carry appropriate liability insurance.
  • Launching to take place from within designated sector advised by the flight-line controller for the day/flying session.
  • Fuse type dethermalisers are not permitted.
  • Before retrieving aircraft from outside the site boundaries ensure that the event/flightline controller/duty staff member is aware of your intent and is in possession of your contact details.

Control Line

  • Flying must only take place in designated areas.
  • A line pull test must be carried out where appropriate.
  • All pilots must carry appropriate liability insurance.

First Person View

  • All equipment must be compliant with relevant UK requirements
  • All FPV operation must be in accordance with the terms of the current CAA Exemption for FPV flight.


  • Where practical rotorcraft will be allocated to a dedicated flightline.
  • Rotorcraft flight may take place on a shared fixed wing flightline where appropriate and with the agreement of all parties.