Donations & Bequests to the National Centre

Whilst the long term aim of the National Centre (NC) project has always been that it will ultimately become self-funding, it has also always been viewed that donations and bequests will form an important aspect of the overall development.

Research with similar organisations and projects has indicated that members are generally happy to donate where there is a specific project or cause to donate to (equally it indicated that members prefer not to donate if the funds just go into general funds to buy paperclips etc.)

The NC has already benefitted from a number of direct donations from members, clubs and areas plus a significant bequest.

As a general principle, donations will be directed towards improving and advancing the development of facilities on site ahead of the projected timeline for the project.

The intention is that all donations and bequests are recognised at the NC.  The final format of this recognition is yet to be established but keep an eye on the latest news section and the National Centre ‘blog’ for updates.

If you would like to make a donation either as an individual or as a representative of an organisation or club then we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Donations can be targeted to purchase specific items of equipment or to fund projects within the National Centre. As an example the Neil Tidy, designer and  founder of Laser Engines has donated a windsock and pole and the BMFA South Midland Area donated up to £1000 specifically to fund an online weather station for the NC

If you would like to make a bequest within your Will then again we would be pleased to hear from you and can provide assistance with wording if required.  A ‘pledge’ of a percentage of your estate is also a way to help us ensure the future of the centre.

Below is a list of specific opportunities identified so far for Clubs, Areas, Individuals or Commercial funding and donations.

Please contact Manny Williamson ( if you would like to help with any of these.

  • Model transport carts/trollies
  • Electric (golf style) Buggy
  • Small All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) 
  • Battery Charger stations
  • Windsock and pole
  • Picnic tables (several)  
  • Static barbeque
  • Donations for C/L hard circle
  • Centre pole for the C/L circle
  • Fencing for C/L  Speed/Team Race area
  • Trees/plants scrubs
  • Trainer models 
  • Transmitters/Buddy Box set ups