A Dog friendly site          

  • BMFA Buckminster is a dog friendly site and welcomes four-legged members of the family, as well as two.
  • All we ask is that they are well behaved, are kept on a lead at all times and of course are picked up after.
  • Please keep dogs away from the flight lines.
  • We do not allow dogs in the buildings other than assistance dogs.
  • You are welcome to exercise your dogs around the site but please ensure that you do not stray into the flying areas, ensure that you are familiar with the site layout, there are also plenty of rural walks outside of the site but please remember that you are on the edge of a shooting estate and dogs should at no time be permitted to wander free.
  • Dogs must not be left unattended at any time.
  • Dogs must not be left in vehicles and we will take prompt action to “rescue” any dog found in likely distress due to heat if we cannot immediately identify the owner.