May Update 4/5/2017

BMFA Buckminster May Blog

The months have rolled by pretty quickly but  it feels like we have made fairly spectacular progress since we took possession of the site in November and the main contractor commenced work in January.

The Phase 1 building works are all but done and the contractor is carrying out the final finishing and snagging over the next few days.

Of course as previously referred the most significant frustration has been the preparation and seeding of the runway which for a number of reasons has been delayed.

This work is now done and it is just a case of sitting back and waiting for the grass to grow, at this point the view from the local farmers is that we haven’t missed much in terms of growing weather as it has been extremely dry and nothing is growing.

Site Security

Whilst we are awaiting the fitment of the main gates and the final fencing, the site has a secondary entrance gate close to the end of the driveway and a pull up security barrier where the main gates will be.

As well as the physical security measures the whole site is also protected by extensive CCTV cameras which cover all key areas in high resolution, this is also backed up by intruder alarms on all buildings.

The ultimate aim is that season ticket holders will be able to let themselves in and out of the site at any time during operational hours using a card system backed up with full camera recording facility so we can always monitor activity.

Opening May the 8th

Of course this brings us to the opening of the facility which will take place on Monday May the 8th.

Initially this will be at a low level and will primarily be the flying site (although all of the buildings are usable)

We are still awaiting full toilet facilities but have provided a portable unit as an interim measure for pilots (in addition to those in the buildings)

We have also created a temporary runway to the South of the main runway which will support a single flightline, whilst not a bowling green surface it should be entirely suitable for the majority of aircraft operation.

Please bear with us whilst we wait for the main surface to be usable and try to stay off the seeded area as much as possible (of course if you need to go onto it to retrieve and aircraft then you have to)

Check the status box on the front page of the website for the proposed activity over the coming three days (continuous update).

But the aim is to run sport R/C as the primary activity for the first three days with control line circles also in operation and to accommodate season ticket holders as well as day tickets.

Limits for R/C will be electric and I/C aircraft up to 7kg and I/C models limited to 82DBa at 7 metres as per the DOE noise code.

Free flight will be accommodated as a secondary activity on these dates but there will be some days coming up where FF is the primary activity.

The site will be open from 9.00am on Monday so why not drop in for a coffee and a fly (tea/coffee will be available initially on a self service basis)

Park in the stoned area and call in at reception when you arrive.

Manny Williamson