March 2017 Site Development Update

March 2017

Work on site has continued to progress in line with the schedules set out in the initial programme of works which completes the contractors phase 1 works on or around the 28th of April.

We sustained a delay of a few days due to the late arrival of doors for the house and events building but work continued in other areas and essentially the contractors have now pulled the project back in line with the projected timings.

One very positive aspect is that a period of dryer weather combined with the completion of the groundworks (drainage and hard areas) means that we have taken a significant step towards a clean site with much the area surrounding the buildings now covered in limestone.

However, weather of course continues to play a part and the major frustration is that the land has still not dried sufficiently to conduct the final levelling and seeding of the runways. Unfortunately, the area around Buckminster has received significant rainfall over recent months which has delayed much of the local farming activity, the hope is that a few more days of sunshine and wind will render the land dry enough to run the necessary machinery.

Much is happening in March and further updates will be added later in the month.

Summary of works to date for March.

  • Steel cladding to events building and support building completed.
  • Event building floor excavation to level and prepared for concrete pour.
  • Carpark area covered with limestone.
  • Main courtyard limestoned levelled and compacted.
  • Reception area re-plastered and decorated.
  • Office re-plaster and decorate completed.
  • Office Plumbing work first fix completed, second fix commenced.
  • Office chimney rebuilt and repointed.
  • Waste treatment tank (Bio Disc, self-contained sewage treatment plant) buried piped and wired.
  • Internal walls to support building completed.
  • Sanitary ware fitted to reception disabled facilities.

Other news

Not directly linked to the on-site works.

  • The National Centre website announced in BMFA News and now fully ‘live’.
  • May and June Sport Fly-ins announced.
  • BMFA Buckminster Summer Show launched for 29th/30th July.
  • Season tickets now on sale, a great opportunity to become part of the National. Centre story and show support for the project.
  • The ‘Friends of BMFA Buckminster’ concept launched to attract volunteers.
  • BMFA Buckminster Facebook page coming soon.


The website is an ongoing project and will further evolve over the coming weeks with additional information and events.

If you spot any errors or omissions, then we would of course be pleased to hear from you, equally we are very happy to receive ideas and feedback both on the National Centre and the website.