February 2017 Site Development Update

February 2017

Work on site has continued to progress well and largely in accordance with the schedules set out in the initial programme of works.

Weather of course plays a part and to date three days of external works have been lost to severe weather (heavy rain) progress over the coming weeks will to a degree be governed by the weather but with a cold dry spell forecast the contractors have directed additional resources to completing the groundworks.

  • Large barn floor excavation completed to prescribed levels.
  • Initial hardcore laid (recycled material)
  • Carpark area covered with membrane followed by limestone.
  • Temporary passing place excavated and limestoned.
  • New soak-aways excavated and piped.
  • New guttering and downpipes fitted to all buildings.
  • Downstairs floor completed in reception area.
  • Office rewire completed.
  • Office Plumbing work commenced.
  • Waste treatment tank arrived on site (Bio Disc, self-contained sewage treatment plant).
  • Excavation for Bio Disc (4 metres deep)