Buckminster Blog – 17/5/2017

Well we are at last benefiting from the required rain to get the runway seed started which is great news, of course on the downside it hasn’t really been flying weather so it has been a bit quiet at Buckminster over the last few days.

We are still locked in battle with the local mole army but it feels like a victory is on the horizon with 22 traps set around the site (apparently moles can shift up to 540 times their own weight in soil a day and tunnel up to 200 metres per 24 hours using a strict 4 hours on 4 hours off shift pattern…… fascinating stuff but little consolation when they are excavating your freshly prepared runway)

Other work continues around the site and Volunteer Thursday’s have got off to a positive start with a fair bit achieved last week and a good selection of tasks planned for tomorrow’s work party.

The weather for the coming weekend is looking to be a bit of a mixed bag but looks like it should be largely flyable.

Its the first ‘Visit and Fly’ weekend at Buckminster so why not call in for a look round, a cuppa and a fly.

Its a fairly low key event but the temporary runway will be in use for sport R/C flying, both electric and I/C aircraft (limited to 82dB(a) and 7kg) and there will be tea, coffee and biscuits in the events building plus the chance to chat about the National Centre project and see the progress made to date.

Also coming up is the BARCS Radioglide event taking place over the bank holiday weekend 27th/28th/29th of May, whilst the site is effectively closed for the weekend due to the competition there is the opportunity for spectators to head over by prior arrangement, a contact number for the organiser will be published here prior to the weekend.

If soaring is you thing why not go along to this event and make use of the rare opportunity to spectate and see what the top flyers get up to.

Its all part of the BMFA Buckminster ‘story’.